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Monday, June 28, 2010

me and my sparkly workplace

This was for Digital Photographers Philippines magazine and this first shot was taken by Jay Tablante. One of the awesomest Filipino photographers i know. haha. that guy's so good with his lighting and compositions. He's been good with his craft for years now i pressume. and he's really, really (did i say really?) nice too. And, OMG. you have to see his Alice in Wonderland shoot! it's a masterpiece! view it by clicking HERE.

Photography by: Jay Tablante
Styling by: Tricia Gosingtian
Makeup by: Kris Bacani
Model: Kaye Razon

Very soon i will post Tricia Gosingtian's version of this picture. she did the photograph using natural lighting.
Watch out for it :)


  1. You look great!!

    The tea party photo is so great too!

    <3 Kelly

  2. thank you!

    and i soo love the tea party photo too! :)


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