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Saturday, May 1, 2010

her hair, my hair

I had my haircut a couple of weeks ago. I had it layered, my sister thought it was done in such a way that it seemed like my hairdresser knew nothin about cutting hair. Well, i didn't see it that way though. i was a little convinced that yea, my hair looks horrible but that ended when i stumbled upon this pic of mary-kate. when i had my hair done, i specifically told my hairdresser that i want it cut in such a way that it'll give my limpy hair volume cause i want to do messy waves, like what mary-kate is wearing here. I noticed that we had our hair cut the same, i just need to learn how to do these gorgeous waves (not curls!) like hers.

Any tips?


  1. The mary-kate style here is gorgeous and not so difficult to achieve. Check some videos on youtube on how to get wavy hair with a flattening iron - it works! No matter what use saltwater spray to get the messy waves :)


  2. oh yea i use saltwater spray and it works wonderfully! haha. thanks for that!

  3. wave it with a straightener! that way, you could control how "big" your waves are.


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