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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

online shops i love love love

I'm a shoe addict. And i admit i'm addicted to online shopping, too. i can't help myself to scan and browse rather random websites and online stores to probe and scour for the best finds.

i've been browsing stylebible.ph today and found these awe-inspiring and prodigious websites that cater to selling fashion finds online. i've tried to click some, and here are my favorites:

1. zoo.com.ph
-one of the online trendsetting stores. i like most of the shoes they sell. they also sell dresses, tops, bottoms, etc. and i looove their tinsel sequin crop top!

2. ichigoshoes.multiply.com
-their store is actually located in greenhills. i like their simple yet unique designs!

-ohhhh they have all the black booties that i liiike! they sell unique oxford flats too!

-MUST.LOVE.THEIR.JEANS.THEIR.LEGGINGS. oh wow. and their other items too! this site offers runway inspired pieces that are indeed very trendy! thumbs up!

-although they don't sell much, they have pieces that are really for grabs.

-i soooooooooooo loooove their shoes! like almost all of it! they got unique styles, designs, and colors, some even copied from the runway at a more affordable price! they have a huge collection of styles and i guarantee there's gonna be one you'll like!

-"Glitterati offers exuberant, luxurious and lavish designs at friendly prices-clothing that would definitely make the wearer stand out in a crowd." i love their star studded blazer and studded bolero jacket!

-"Cintura believes in the importance of the perfect fit. This is why none of the belts are pre-made." they sell the most awesome belts in town at the most affordable price, considering the size is made just for you!

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