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Saturday, January 30, 2010

workpeople inspired outfits

For my first blog entry ever! I'm quite sure this is my first ever. haha! Oh well, there's always a first time for everything, right?

so i gotta start off by sharing with you guys these "worker-inspired-everyday-outfits" i happened to come up with one night when i was bored scanning my TV. i thought of a way of incorporating people's uniforms in their jobs/hobbies with an outfit perfect for casual wear. these might seem weird though. imagination is required. haha! 

-this one's a popular one. here's my rendition of the outfit: bright red fitted t-shirt w/ big gold anchor graphic print in the middle, royal blue pleated mini skirt with one gold button on the side (waist part), white golfer slim sneakers, around 10 very slim white bangles, red/white small bodybag purse, hair in a classic short perfect wavy hair/ bun with loose curls

-blue with hint of red checkered boyfriend polo (or can be worn open with a plain white tee inside), light blue slashed/distressed denim skinny jeans, black calf-high loose fitting boots with buckle details, hair in a loose bun/ messy ponytail

-crisp plain white above the knee length shorts, electric blue buckle belt worn on shorts, white lacoste polo with stripes of blue and green, white slim sneakers, black oversized sunglasses, hair in neat ponytail

-fleshy-pink or black fitted sleeveless, old blue fitted blazer, pink/black layered high waisted very fluffy mini skirt, black dotted stockings, sexy black pumps, hair in neat bun

-white fiited sleeveless underneath a yellow or bright baby blue loose low neck sleeveless, printed boardshorts, slippers, anklets, hair worn messy wavy (can be worn with flower on one ear)

-red/black fitted sequined top, black structured military blazer, black layered fluffy mini skirt, black knee-length socks, white or bright blue chucks, smoky eyes, hair worn messy

-mustard yellow with big ruffles in the middle, pale navy blue high waisted above the knee pencil skirt, brown leather slim waist belt, dark blue sexy stilettos, black thick framed glasses, long vintage necklace, hair in a bun

-dark blue cropped denim jacket, white fitted spag strap, brown leather belt worn on shorts, distressed denim shorts, knee high brown flat boots, hair worn wavy.

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